The Urban Spa puts the spotlight on feet!

After spending time in the sun or heat with our flip flops on, our feet can become sore and achy with some hard skin.  We may think winter’s coming up and who sees our feet, but there are health benefits to why we need to take care of our feet.

Why are healthy feet important

Our feet carry the weight of your whole body, so any problems with our feet can cause discomfort  and affect the way we walk.  This can lead to other physical problems such as knee, hip and back pain.  We use our feet everyday, so it only makes sense to take care of them.  How can we do this?

How can you take care of your feet every day

After a day of being on your feet it’s good practice to wash your feet with warm, soapy water and it’s important to make sure you dry them properly.  When they aren’t completely dry this is when fungal infections can start.  When trimming your toenails always use proper nail clippers and be sure to cut straight across.  By cutting at an angle or down the edges, an ingrown toenail can develop.  For women especially, heels can be a big cause of hard skin, bunions, discomfort, etc.  Because of this, be sure to only wear heels when necessary, for example if you wear heels at work, wear comfortable shoes to walk or drive to and from your job.  General hygiene is key to taking care of your feet, such as changing your socks everyday to eliminate smells and sweat build up.

Moreover, checking your feet regularly can help you identify any early signs of damage, which is particularly important if you also experience poor blood circulation or diabetic conditions.

Myths about feet

Myth: The best way to take care of your feet is by soaking them after a long day at work.

Actually: Although it is good to wash your feet daily with warm, soapy water.  soaking your feet can strip them of their natural oils.

Myth: Remove hard skin and calluses as much as you can

Actually: Using a pumice stone or foot file is a good way to remove any dead, hard skin.  However, over-filing to the point of filing the soft skin away, will make the skin  grow back harder than ever.

Myth:  Flip flops are good to wear as they let feet breath.

Actually:  While you may get plenty of air to your feet, flips flops don’t give any support, which can lead to lower back pain and problems with your hips.

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is an amazing treatment to enhance foot care and well being for the rest of our body and mind.  When having reflexology at The Urban Spa you’re lying in a warm bed under a duvet to promote relaxation and comfort.  The therapist will be located on a chair at the end of the bed performing reflexology.   A lot of people worry that it will be too ticklish for them, however the techniques the therapist uses reduce stress.  It encourages, you to relax and breath calmly and many people fall asleep.  It lasts for 45 minutes and the therapist has a map of your feet and make notes of any health issues she notices.  Your body links to point on your feet and by massaging them you can find out what the person may be lacking or need help with.  This may indicate whether you need to see a doctor.  This treatment can help towards treating ill health and boost energy levels.  It improves circulation and eliminates toxins.



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