This weeks spotlight on massage!

Massage is a natural way of helping your health improve as well as your mood and relaxation. The common benefits we associate massage with are anxiety, stress, soft tissue pain and mobility. But actually, there are a lot more benefits to massage you may not be aware of such as helping people with… (more…)


The Urban Spa puts the spotlight on feet!

After spending time in the sun or heat with our flip flops on, our feet can become sore and achy with some hard skin.  We may think winter’s coming up and who sees our feet, but there are health benefits to why we need to take care of our feet.

Why are healthy feet important

Our feet carry the weight of your whole body, so any problems with our feet can cause discomfort  and affect the way we walk.  This can lead to other physical problems such as knee, hip and back pain.  We use our feet everyday, so it only makes sense to take care of them.  How can we do this?


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