Aromatherapy massage works on the nerve endings to soothe pain and relax the mind and body. The essential oils work on the alfactory (smell) senses to relax and unwind the mind.

Beneficial for: relaxing, easing muscle tension, or clear out your sinuses, the essential oils help to do this.

Back neck and shoulders 60 minutes       £45

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

A deep tissue, or sports massage works by ridding the body of unwanted toxins such as lactic acid build up and works on the deeper structures within the body to provide more range of motion. 

Beneficial for: relieving pain in muscles or joints

Back neck and shoulders 60 minutes       £45

Full body 75 minutes                                      £55

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage uses smooth, flat stones that have been heated up to a comfortable temperature and placed on key areas of your body. Hot stones provide heat to help relax the muscle and client. 

Beneficial for: improved circulation, releasing tension, recharge energy levels, regulating sleep patterns and relaxation.

Back neck and shoulders 60 minutes       £45

Full body 75 minutes                                      £55


Reflexology is a form of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness. There are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body, this shows what area of your body might need treating. For example, if you have a cold your head might show up on your feet that you’re poorly. This uses relaxing oils or creams to relax you.

Beneficial for: relaxation; improved nerve function; boosted energy levels; increased circulation; elimination of toxins; reduction in headaches and speedy healing.

45 minutes                         £35

swedish massage

This is a relaxing massage to get your circulation moving and flush your lymphatic system.  It works by lifting the muscle away from the bone in swift movements. It is good for relaxation and can help relieve pain and aches in the body.

Beneficial for: increased relaxation; greater mobility of joints; decreased muscle tightness; improved circulation; can reduce welling from injury

Back neck and shoulders 60 minutes              £30

Full body 75 minutes                                     £45


indian head massage

Indian Head massage is a lovely massage performed on the head and face to relieve tension in that area, using the pressure points.

Beneficial for: relieving headaches / migraines; help reduce hair loss and thinning due to increase in circulation; relieving muscle tension; relieving stiffness in the neck and eye strain.

45 minutes                         £25

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